About Us

Blockchain Network was established in October 2017, as a blockchain capacity building, networking and conference organization. Blockchain network aims to prepare and equip individuals or organization who want to join or learn more about the blockchain technology and its benefits. We believe there is more to this new technology than just the cryptocurrency aspect of it. The technology (Blockchain) can be used to solve issues, not just in the financial sector, but in other areas such as education, security, audit, employment, etc.

Our Goals

Blockchain Network believes in technology development and evolution, which can be achieved through empowering;
– Institutions
– Youths
– Entrepreneurs to innovate and actively participate in the blockchain revolution
– Influence policy discussions
– Build strong knowledge base
– Literacy and build capacity within the blockchain industry.

Services we provide are:

– Trainings – eg. Blockchain Academy, Cryptocurrency
– Run events
– Organize conference
– Blockchain clinics
– Organize advocacy programs
– Consultancy

– Ghana Blockchain Conference
– Blockchain Cryptocurrency Acadeny